Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Brothered by the Missionaries Twice last week

Don't they get it NO means NO, I had was harassed by Missionaries getting by mail Wednesday night and my door was knocked the next day. I think I need a restraining order.

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Samuel the Utahnite said...

Yeah, I'm not surprised at all Demon, as it seems you are one of their main targets or something. You must be in the area book that they use to track people down.

If they harassed me as much as they have harassed you, I'd go insane. Like we discussed in the podcast, NO MEANS YES, so every time you tell them to fuck off, they are even more determined. Sadly, YES MEANS YES too, so you can't win either way and just have to deal with them every time,over and over, against your wishes.

I had my own experience with Mormon missionaries while I was out of town and trust me, they are desperate right now for converts and pulling out all the stops, doing whatever it takes, even if that means outright deceit and trickery. They certainly aren't making many friends and are pissing a whole lot of people off in the process.

The Mormon brainwashing machine of lies is working well and pumping out those missionaries, who are doing EXACTLY what they've been told to do.

Anyway, good luck Demon and I hope they'll leave you alone at some point, but they won't. Thanks for doing that podcast with me and for putting in the time. I think it turned out great and it has been downloaded like crazy.