Friday, May 18, 2007

Answer to TBMs "The only reliable source for information about the Church is the Church" augment

TBM (True Believing Mormons) always say . the only reliable source for information about the Church is the or the Missionaries, This is insane it like sayings the only reliable source for information about the Used car you are thinking about buying is the oily Salesman who is selling you the car, and his manager. The Salesperson and his dealership will not tell the truth about the car they have an agenda to get your money ,and unload the car the car on you. You should not check Carfax to find out that the car has been in 5 accidents, you should not ask your good friend the mechanic who fixed this car after all the accidents and says it is terrible shape. You should not trust the former owner of the car who could never get it to start and had nothing but trouble with it. No the only reliable source of information about the car is the Dealership and the salesman who are hoping to unload the lemon on you. Of course only trusting the salesman is insane, there are many ways to check out the condition of the car without letting the salesman play you for a sucker.

The LDS missionaries and have one purpose to sell Mormonism ,they have an agenda they are not unbiased reliable sources. The LDS have a doctrine called "Milk before Meat" to justify telling lies and partial truths about the church to potential converts. Mormons are trained to deflect questions to the ones they want to answer. If a person wants the truth about the Mormon Church they must ask all sources , including ex-members, unbiased books , so called anti-mormon internet sites. The LDS salesmen are the last people to tell the truth about the lemon they are trying to unload on unsuspecting converts.

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