Posted: 11:31 AM- Utah is the most depressed state in the country, according to a national analysis released Wednesday by mental health care advocates.
    The report card by Mental Health America was funded by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and draws together federal health data. Utah ranked 51st for its "depression status," based on national surveys conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
    In 2004 and 2005, slightly more than 10 percent of adults and adolescents in Utah reported they had a major depressive episode.
    In 2004, Utah reported 377 deaths by suicide. That number, adjusted for age and population, ranked it 45th in the nation, the report said.
    An average of 315 Utahns die by suicide each year. Utah launched a five-year suicide prevention plan in May, an effort that focuses on raising awareness through ads and providing support groups.
    The report instead suggests states improve access to care, and provides statistics on each state's mental health resources and policies.
    Mental Health America, formerly known as the National Mental Health Association, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people live mentally healthier lives.
    "Ranking America's Mental Health: An Analysis of Depression Across the States" is now available at