Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Police abuse in Utah county, Utah

 What is it that about the heat that causes Utah county police to forget about human rights. An Orem Senior citizen was roughed up and arrested for a dry lawn in a drought year. Last year they sent the SWAT team to a legal dance concert calling it a drug rave. The video was circulated on the Internet of them roughly arresting innocent concert attendees. The Utah county sheriff said the raid was justified because he "had a feeling they were going to break the law"
  Here is the link to the article about the lady arrested for the  dry lawn.

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Anonymous said...

Er...Demon you may want to change the headline to county, rather than country. Anyway, I guess old Gordon's talk about the irrefutable links between raves and drug use (particularly ecstasy) a few years back still fills the Provo PD with righteous, but this again takes it too far. That reminds me of Kimball’s slippery slides of sin that you and Samuel chatted about.

I always laugh when I think about that talk by Hinckley, because my mission companion at the time he gave it earned the money for his mish by hosting raves. As a mega-TBM missionary, I thought that was just perfectly awful. The ironies of the TBM world are rich. I like the spirit based version of pre-crime, I just hope the "spirit" produces a minority report. This testimony may have a whole new meaning in Utah county these days. I’ll have to remember that. Luckily, this madness was too much for the Daily Herald (see http://old.heraldextra.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=63032), which opined against it. The Provo police need to work in a place with real crime once and a while, so they don’t get so bored.