Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am back on You Tube

You can leave Utah but you cannot escape ruded bigited Mormons

I was on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago; one of the ports was Jamaica. Here I did an excursion that included Dunn's river falls and river tubing and tour of the local area. Part of the local tour included a stop a couple of factories for a free taste of 2 products Jamaica is known for Coffee and Rum. A group of Mormons on the tour raised such a ruckus that we could not stop at the factories for the samples. Worse this group of Mormons said unbelievably rude things about the friends who were with me on the tour (an interracial couple). These comments included many users of the F and N words and included statements as "Polluting the pure race", "Fu@#@# Nig@#@#" "Devil cursed half breeds" etc. The worst examples of the Mormon Church are sometime the members themselves.