Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Podcast "The Mormon Way"

There is a phrase I heard once about the Mormon way of doing things. When I first heard it I found it very offensive but now I think that it may be right. This is a disscusion of "The Mormon Way"
Mormons are asked when they go to the temple if they are honest in all thier dealings. What type of example does the leadership of the church set to the mebership of being Honset in all your dealings what is the true "Mormon Way" of doing things?

The Mormon Way MP3


Anonymous said...

Sounds groovy. Was this the MLM stuff you talked about with Chad? There is "a Mormon Way" in the Utah business world. In some circs this is ok, but it certainly has a dark side. Looking forward to it. Love your podcasts!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get into why daddy choked you.

Demon of Kolob said...

It was a political augment I was saying we should respect the environment and give blacks and gays equal rights.