Monday, June 4, 2007

More Missionary Problems (It is the Christians now)

As if I did not have enough problems with the LDS missionaries, now they are attacking the competition, my car was spammed this morning but Christian missionaries from the New Jerusalem Church. Arrrg how do I get away from these guys??


Elder Joseph said...

Hi demon ,

I've been listening to your podcasts with SamuelTheUtahnite discussing the PBS mormon documentary .. I laughed my pants off .....

I just wondered have you officially resigned ? and what about any relatives in church or friends , how have they reacted ?

Does anyone try getting you back in ?

I've been counteracting my missionaries . I find one of the best shocks to the Mormon system is the Head In a Hat , they just don't have a clue and are troubled by it ! I've done it on six of my missionaries , 4 showed serious concern , 2 pretended they knew , but I'm not sure ? a bit sly maybe because they didn't tell me at least .

Demon of Kolob said...

I did a new podcast it is just now online
I tell my story about my exit from mormoism ,this will answer some of your questions, feel to ask more

Demon of Kolob

Elder Joseph said...

thanks demon ,

I wasn't aware of Samuels newer blog .

keep up the good work , it's a good learning tool for me and then I'm more effective counteracting the LDS .