Friday, April 25, 2008

I created a new video

There are still problems the sound is out of sync, but it delivers its message.



Zelph said...

This is the danger I see with religion in general. To say that someone else has moral authority to make choices for you can lead you to dark places, and sets the stage for things like the MMM.

Look at polygamy for example. Let's say you are LDS and hypothetically (but unlikely) polygamy becomes legal in the U.S. and the church lifts the ban on polygamy and the church practices it again.

If we are to be true followers of the church, we have to accept it because our leaders have authority to act in God's name. There is no getting around this, and that is the danger.

Outside of religion, one can make their own moral judgments if polygamy is something for them.

I am not making a moral claim if polygamy is immoral or wrong for others, but I am making the point that when one is in a church where we are to believe that the leaders have special authority from God, they DON'T have the opportunity to make that moral judgment, they have to accept it no matter what. They don't get to make that moral judgment because "the thinkin' has been done"

Nephi Mormon said...

Demon of Kolob said...

Nephi that is lamest blog ever what a waste of cyberspace.

Andee said...

Loved the video, and I agree with the person who said this could fit into other religions as well.

Anonymous said...

a place to vent

Zero said...

"Religion is good, but religions are not"

-20th century math wizard Kurt Godel