Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Podcast where I tell my story leaving about Mormomism

I also interview Chad(Swedeboy) about his story about leaving the LDS church.
Thanks to Samuel the Utanite for editing and hosting these Podcasts


Samuel the Utahnite said...

Here are the links everyone, to both the new blog and the new Mormon Truth Stories Podcast.

Mormon Truth Stories Blog

Mormon Truth Stories Podcast Subscriber Link

Please spread the word everyone, so that everyone will find out about this new awesome podcast and either want to contribute or just listen and know that there are many others who feel what they do and that have gone through a very similar experience.

This podcast is for all of you ex-Mormons out there that have a story to tell and just needed a place to tell it.

I should also mention that I have no problem with someone like you Elder Joseph, that knows the Mormon church so well, sharing their personal story or experience with the Mormon cult or the missionaries.

You Elder Joseph are sincerely trying to help people out of Mormonism without an agenda a mile high, like our Christian/Evangelical buddies.

Also, thanks and congrats Elder Joseph on your almost 20,000 hits on the BYU Professor(who was in a Bishopric) getting arrested. For those that don't know, Robert Bentley Jackson, was found guilty of videotaping a 14 year old girl undressing, without her knowledge.

BYU Professor Arrested!!

Anyway, the new podcast is not yet listed in the search directory of iTunes, but should be there later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Take care everyone and thanks again Demon for helping me get this new podcast started.


Elder Joseph said...

Samuel ,

Good idea , I'll be glad to share my story of why I haven't joined the Mormon Church . I'll contact you via email about interviewing me ...

20,000 hits on the BYU Professor - Well its your vid and description as you know and its amazing how many Mormons comment why I'm 'attacking'? and then admit they are having difficulties themselves with Mormonism ( History , Archeology etc ) . lol

Good blog from a church member !He's done some good research and is a great thinker .

I think this is a growing trend as more and more access the net. I'd love to see a year when the church member figures go down. That would really get those imposters masquerading as Gods chosen flapping .

Cheri Donkersgoed said...

Great idea. I am so glad you are here. Now you will cause more people to investigate the church and find out it is true. You are doing a great service.

Demon of Kolob said...

How will people looking into the church find out it is true. In my expertise the opposite is true. When people find out about Mormon lies and whitewash of their history they tend to figure out it is all a lie.
Science and history do not align with the Book of Mormon, their is no proof to find that it is true because it is all false. I used to think like you until I researched the church with an open mind.